LB© is an artist duo and graphic design studio run by María Victoria Lamas and Joaquín H. Burgariotti, based in Buenos Aires and Madrid. Working locally and internationally with visual artists, architects, art galleries, designers, animators, developers, photographers, musicians, curators, writers, filmmakers, dancers, publishers, and cultural institutions. Always looking for new opportunities and collaborations.
Visual arts and culturally-focused design projects are the core of their practice. The studio provides a wide range of services including: art direction, graphic design, branding, naming, web design, editorial, as well as the creation of artworks and installations. They participate in solo and group exhibitions since 2018, and have been featured in many publications and editorial projects of different countries.

Primer Humano

Zakaria Rugs

Artwork Exhibition

Venezia, Italy Aug 2022


Martin Bollati


Buenos Aires, Argentina Aug 2022

Convocar Imaginarios

Espacio Pla

Artwork Exhibition Video Art

Buenos Aires, Argentina Jul 2022

Mamá Húngara

Juan Saravia, Malena Souto Arena

Branding Identity Website

Buenos Aires, Argentina Jan 2022


Marcos Altgelt, Tasio Picollo

Artwork Exhibition

Buenos Aires, Argentina Dec 2021

Recorridos, Trayectos y Derivas

Rodrigo Túnica


Buenos Aires, Argentina Nov 2021

Tecnologías Elementales

Ezequiel Fanego, Amapola Ibieta

Identity Album Artwork

Berlin, Germany Oct 2021


Lamas Burgariotti

Artwork Sculpture

Buenos Aires, Argentina Sep 2021


Martín Bollati

Editorial Identity

Buenos Aires, Argentina Aug 2021

La Rando

Gala Elman, Renata Maccione

Branding Identity Website Naming

Buenos Aires, Argentina Jul 2021

Pez Suelto

Francisco Canton, Pato Martinez


Kaunas, Lithuania Jul 2021

Res Extensa


Identity Website

Los Angeles, USA Jul 2021

Studio Practice

Christopher Gatton, Alexander Kuzio

Identity Website

Brooklyn, New York, USA Jul 2021


Laura Brown, Thomas Patier

Identity Website

Altkirch, France Jun 2021

LaCa Projects

Morgan Mathieu Tran, Juan Dolhare


North Carolina, USA Jun 2021


Ayelen Arostegui

Identity Website

Buenos Aires, Argentina May 2021


Rubén Valdemarin

Branding Identity Website

Buenos Aires, Argentina Sep 2020

Balam #6 Mestizx

Luis Juárez


Buenos Aires, Argentina Aug 2020


Roos Rademaker


Buenos Aires, Argentina Jul 2020

Ruinas Sin Título

Martín Bollati


Buenos Aires, Argentina May 2020

The Right Question

The New Yorker

Art Direction

New York, USA Apr 2020

Transmission Inside Out

John Dillard, Manuela Vilanova


Antwerp, Belgium Mar 2020


Benjamin Pfau


Berlin, Germany Feb 2020

Motion Principles

Manuel Barenboim

Branding Identity Website

New York, USA Nov 2019

Público Privado

Franco Fasoli


Barcelona, Spain Nov 2019

CHAI Editora

Soledad Urquía, Santiago La Rosa

Branding Editorial Identity Website

Córdoba, Argentina Aug 2019

Architecture For Plants

Juan García Mosqueda, RIES

Artwork Exhibition Installation

Malba, Buenos Aires, Argentina Aug 2019



Exhibition Poster

Konex, Buenos Aires, Argentina May 2019


Sebastián Raimondi

Branding Identity Art Direction

Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina Jan 2019

Oro Negro

Lamas Burgariotti

Artwork Exhibition Installation Video Art

Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina Jan 2019

Our Hands Forever Dirty

Yorgos Maraziotis, Manuela Vilanova

Editorial Exhibition Poster Installation

Antwerp, Belgium Nov 2018

Everything is going to be fine

Thomas Patier

Exhibition Poster

Hessel Museum of Art at Bard College, NYC May 2018