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María Victoria Lamas

Art Director

+54 911 5459 3222

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Joaquín H Burgariotti

Art Director

+34 692 587 632

Madrid, España

Juan Pinkus

Web Development


Lamas Burgariotti® is an artist duo and graphic design studio run by María Victoria Lamas and Joaquín Burgariotti, based in Buenos Aires and Madrid. Working locally and internationally with visual artists, architects, art galleries, designers, animators, developers, photographers, musicians, curators, writers, filmmakers, dancers, publishers, and cultural institutions. Always looking for new opportunities and collaborations. Visual arts and culturally-focused design projects are the core of their practice. The studio provides a wide range of services including: art direction, graphic design, branding, naming, web design, editorial, as well as the creation of artworks and installations. They participate in solo and group exhibitions since 2018, and have been featured in many publications and editorial projects of different countries.

The art pieces generated by LB© speak of the transfer of information that exists when we move from a digital to an analogue state and vice versa. They experiment using all kinds of materials. LB© is interested in the link that human beings develop with electronic devices, the relationship between technology and our emotions.


María Victoria Lamas (1985 —Buenos Aires, Argentina) Artist and graphic designer. Graduated at the University of Buenos Aires. She has a vast experience in identity, editorial and web design. From 2007 to 2010, she was adjacent professor of Typography Cosgaya at FADU—UBA. In 2012, she co-founded Club de Amigos Costa Rica, an interdisciplinary collective that focused on art direction, animation, graphic design, photography and illustration. She studied painting at a workshop led by Hernán Salamanco during four years. She took part of Leer Para Diseñar (LPD), a reading group that dives into architecture, design and art. In 2018 she was mentioned in the Latin American Design Awards (LAD) as Bronze Editorial due to BALAM Magazine's design. She was part of 'Yeruá Taller' a platform for interdisciplinary artistic production, where she formed with Joaquín Burgariotti, an artist duo and graphic design studio, that works at the intersection between art and design.

Joaquín Burgariotti (1984 —Buenos Aires, Argentina) began his studies in advertising and then joined the studio of designer Sergio Manela. He later continued his education at the National University of Arts (UNA), discovering that he was particularly drawn to and influenced by his fascination with plants, wood and nature. He is self-taught in photography, a medium he often turns to in his work. Joaquín has participated in several workshops led by the artists Jose Luis Landet, Hernán Salamanco and Paula Duro. In 2012, he presented his work at his first collective exhibition and later in 2015 he was invited to do so again at the “Mercadolibre” collective show at UV Estudio. In 2018 he received a scholarship to participate in the residency “Cercanías” located in Mundo Dios, Mar del Plata, led by Ernesto Ballesteros. He also collaborated with the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (Belgium) with the artist Manuela Villanova. Since 2017 he has been part of Taller Yeruá, where he currently works with his associate, Victoria Lamas.